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  • Netti Pot-Sinus Support

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Nasal irrigation, which for many is synonymous with the neti pot, is one of the tools used in Ayurveda as part of basic daily hygiene. Simply put, it cleans out the nose and sinuses with salt water and ensures they stay clean. It is best to choose an unbreakable one that won’t react with the salt water it will be mixed with. To prepare the salt water, mix one heaping teaspoon of sea salt in a half-liter (or pint) of warm, purified water. The salt creates a higher osmotic pressure than water alone, meaning that it helps nasal and sinus fluids flow into the water and get flushed out, rather than absorb the water and stay put. Fill the neti pot with the prepared water and hold it in the left hand. Bring the spout into the left nostril, lean over a sink, and as the head is tilted to the right side, tip the pot up to get the water to flow. Breathe through the mouth. The aim is to get water to flow into the left nostril, around the area inside the nose and sinuses, and out the right nostril. Do this for 15 to 30 seconds, then change sides. It might take a couple of tries to get the right alignment.. Those with conditions such as chronic nose bleeds, nasal polyps, or a severely deviated nasal septum should talk with their health care providers before using the neti pot, to assure that it won’t exacerbate the condition