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  • Multi Plus with Brain Essential Tabs
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    by Solgar
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  • Experience the difference yourself with Solgar MultiPlus with Brain Essentials, the multi-level performance of an energy-rich, wholefood concentrate multivitamins, with your cognition in mind.
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Further Information
With a lot to do and a lot to keep ahead of, managing through the day can leave you feeling mentally fatigued, especially late in the day. It's easy to experience our own personal brain overload; coming up short on memory and concentration. Multiplus with Brain Essentials can help you mentally focus so you can stay sharp day after day. With high-performing vitamins and minerals, you can get important nutrients to support and maintain cognitive health. In a balanced healthy nervous system, which is essential to brain health. The vitamins and minerals also have vital antioxidant capacity, which helps fight the damaging effects of free radicals. Since free radicals can impact healthy cells, supplementing with antioxidants helps provide on-going benefits.